Mike has composed the scores for "We Are Strangers", "Beneath The Old Dark House", "Curse of the Bloody Voodoo Sock Puppet", "Tis The Season", "More Than You Can Chew" (from the anthology, Morbid Stories), "Harvest of Horrors", "Dinogore", "Creature From Cannibal Creek", "You Don't Belong Here", "Exorcism of the Dead", “Poltergeist Encounters”, “The Friday Night Death Slot”, and "Chewed" - a short film he also wrote and directed. Coming soon are "Crabs!", "Desert Dwellers" and "The Fight Machine". He has written and performed songs under the band name SemaTary Spawn for Exorcism of the Dead, Curse of Krampus, Dinogore, Ouija Mummy, Troma's "Grindsploitation 666", "Wrestlemassacre", "Lycanimator", "Slimoids" and many more.

Spit Take Films is a film production company run by Mike Trebilcock. It has produced the films, Doll Island, Chewed (included in the Frightvision anthology), Throne of Dracula and Werewolf Camp, the music video for the single "Near Dark" by Among Monsters, and Adam Clasky's video for "Save Us". Currently in pre-production are the features Love Yourself and Frankenstein Rides Again. The short film, Spidermama is currently filming.

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