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"Mike's score is a total home run!" - Chris Walsh Writer/Director, Orchid

"Mike Trebilcock never fails and his score for The Abominations of Frankenstein is nothing less than masterful. Mike has truly brought this monster of ours fully to life!" - Seb Godin (Abominations of Frankenstein, Blood Rites of the Vampyr)

"Mike is a musical man for all seasons. His scoring prowess has no bounds. Whatever story you are telling, Mike’s melodies are the perfect companion to every scene. Mike can really do it all."
- Christopher Bond (Evil Dead The Musical, A Little Bit Zombie, Night of the Living Dead Live)

"Mike is an absolutely amazing talent that can find the perfect sound for any scene and work with any vision a creator has, no matter how ridiculous."
 - Steve Rudzinski (Caroushell, Caroushell The 2nd, Captain Z & the Terror of Leviathan)

"Mike Trebilcock is not only a master at podcast audio design but the music he created for my podcast fit perfectly with the themes I tried to convey. And I had many listeners comment on how much they loved. the music. He was terrific to work with - collaborative, thoughtful, and full of ideas - and I'm looking forward to working with him again."
 - Charles J. Moss (What Happened at Braley Pond, Podcast Creator and Host, freelance writer for The Atlantic, Washington Post, Slate, Paste, Thrillist, Vice and Mojo.)

“Not only is Mike an amazing composer, and multi-instrumentalist capable of any genre, he is truly a great collaborator which, I think, is the most important factor of them all.”
- Andrew T. Hunt (Director/Producer/Writer/Editor, and one of the founding partners of RAVEN BANNER ENTERTAINMENT)

"Mike Trebilcock is a musical genius, and an incredibly kind and generous human too. I had the privilege of working with him on my film CRABS!, and his original music for the film is better than anything I could have ever hoped for. I quickly realized that there really isn’t anything Mike cannot accomplish musically. His ability to shift styles and incorporate classical and electronic sounds into the score is just brilliant. His lyrics matched the film in beautifully nuanced and poetic ways. His vocals can both put you on edge during the scary scenes, as well as swell your heart during the romantic ones. I am in complete awe of Mike Trebilcock’s talents, and working with him to craft the score for CRABS! was one of the most creatively fulfilling experiences of my life. Thanks again Mike!"
- Pierce Berolzheimer (Crabs!)

"Mike has created music and songs for all my feature films. His work is simply incredible. He elevates the content in ways I would never have thought possible. He's a miracle just waiting to happen to your movie or short film." - John Migliore (Creature from Cannibal Creek, Ouija Shark 2)

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