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Short Film Orchid by Chris WalshPoster
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Iron City Ass Kickers
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Film Score Samples

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Mike Trebilcock is a film composer, songwriter, producer and multi-intrumentalist. He has created unique scores, themes, and songs for feature films (Crabs!, The Fight Machine), shorts (Orchid, Karakout, T3-WRT), theatrical productions and podcasts. He is also the singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer of horror-rock band Sematary Spawn, and is the leader of the power-pop/punk band The Killjoys.

He composed themes for the podcasts We Like Theme Parks (nominated for 3 Canadian Podcast Awards: Outstanding Main Title Theme Music for a Series, Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for a Series, and Outstanding Society & Culture Series), What Happened at Braley Pond, Movie Madhouse, The Vicious Circle and THK: Toku, Heroes & Kaiju.

In 2013 Mike was a composer for George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead Live. produced by George A. Romero, Russell Streiner, John Russo, Christopher Harrison and Phil Pattison, and written by Chris Bond (Evil Dead the Musical), Trevor Martin and Dale Boyer.​


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Sematary Spawn - Songs for Films

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Listen (Sematary Spawn)

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Artist photo by Ed Roth

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